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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made


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Series 1000 EZ-Flange Ductile Iron Flange Adapater Brochure Download Series 2200 Restraint for Mechanical Joints on C905 PVC Pipe Download
MEGALUG Series 1100 Mechanical Joint Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe Product Brochure Download Series 2500 Restraint Harness for C900 and C905 PVC Pipe at PVC Fittings Download
Series 1100CH Brochure Download Series 2600 Download
Series 1100HD Split MEGALUG Bell Restraint Harness for Existing Ductile Iron Pipe Download Series 2800 Bell Restraint Harness for C900-16 PVC Pipe Download
Series 1100HV Restraint Harness for Existing Push On Pipe Joints on C905 PVC Pipe Download Series 3800 MEGA-COUPLING Restrained Coupling Download
Series 1100SD Restraint for Existing Mechanical Joints on Ductile Iron Pipe Download MEGA-STOP Bell Protection System Download
Series 1100SDB Mid Span Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe Download Series 6500 Bell Restraint Harness for IPS O.D. PVC Pipe Download
Series 1100TDM Tandem MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraint Download Series 65MJ00 Product Brochure Download
Series 1500 Bell Restraint Harness for C900 PVC Pipe Download Series 7500 Restraint for IPS O.D. PVC Pipe at PVC Fittings Download
1500TD Download C909 16 inch Restraints Download
Series 15MJ00 Product Brochure Download EBAA-Covers Ductile Iron Meter Box Covers Download
Series 15MJ00TD Product Brochure Download EBAA-Seal Improved Mechanical Joint Gasket Download
Series 15PF00 Product Brochure Download EBAA-Wedge Adjustable Flange Deflection Filler Gasket Download
Series 15PF00TD Product Brochure Download EX-TEND Force Balanced Download
1600 Download EX-TEND Expansion Joint for Water and Waste Water Pipelines Download
1600TD Download FLEX-900 Flexible Ball Joints for Water and Wastewater Pipelines Download
Series 1700 MEGALUG Restraint Harness for Push On Joints on Ductile Iron Pipe Download FLEX-TEND DWV Download
Series 1900 Restraints for AWWA C900 and C909 PVC Pipe Download FLEX-TEND Force Balanced 2 Inch Download
Series 19MJ00 Restraints for AWWA C900 and C909 PVC Pipe Download FLEX-TEND Force Balanced Download
Series 19PF00 Restraints for AWWA C900 and C909 PVC Pipe Download FLEX-TEND Flexible Expansion Joint Download
Series 2000PV MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restriant for PVC Pipe Download HDPE Pipe Restraints Download
Series 2000SV Split MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraint for Existing PVC Pipe Download MEGA-BOND Restraint Coating System Brochure Download
Series 2100 Brochure Download


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Concrete Anchor LEED Statement Download EBAA Iron LEED Qualification Download

connections technical papers

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DI-01 Use of MEGALUG Restraint Products on Grey Iron Pipe Download GI-06 The Installation of Mechanical Joint Fittings Download
DI-02 A Brief Description of the Background and Operation of the MEGALUG System of Restraint Download GI-07 Product Traceability Download
FL-01 What is the Pressure Rating of that Flange!? Download GI-08 MEGA-BOND Restraint Coating System Download
FL-02 Background and Testing of the MEGAFLANGE Flange Adapter Download PD-01 Joint Restraint vs. Thrust Blocks Download
FT-01 FLEX-TEND Flexible Expansion Joints, Features and Specifications Download PD-02 Restrained Pipeline Design and Horizontal Bends Download
FT-02 Flexible Connection to Liquid Storage Tanks Download PD-03 Thrust Restraint Design of Vertical Offsets and Tees Download
FT-03 General Information for the Application of FLEX-TEND Flexible Expansion Joint Download PD-04 Thrust Restraint Design of Dead Ends, Valves, Reducers and Encroaching Restrained Lengths Download
FT-04 How does the Force Balanced FLEX-TEND® Product Work? Download PD-05 Bearing and Frictional Resistance, The Building Blocks of a Restrained System Download
FT-05 Bridge Crossings and the Proper use of EX-TEND, FLEX-TEND Download PD-06 Thrust Restraint Design Equations and Soil Parameters For Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe Download
GI-01 Corrosion and Cathodic Protection in Underground Piping Systems Download PV-01 Connections Bulletin PD-01 Download
GI-02 Corrosion of Mechancial Joint Bolts Download PV-02 Long Term Burst Strength of PVC Pipe and The 2000PV MEGALUG Download
GI-03 Use of Coatings and Polyethylene for Corrosion Protection Download PV-03 What's The Point Download
GI-04 Observations of MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraints in Corrosive Environments Download PV-04 Mega-Stop Bell Protection System Aids in Pipe Joint Assembly Download
GI-05 Product Testing and Hydrostatic Forces Download


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Environmental Statement Download


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EBAA Iron Inc Logo Download EBAA Iron Sales Inc Logo Download

sample specs

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1000 Sample Specification Download 2100 Sample Specification Download
1100 Sample Specification Download 2100MM Sample Specification Download
1100CH Sample Specification Download 2200 Sample Specification Download
1100HD Sample Specification Download 2500 Sample Specification Download
1100HV Sample Specification Download 2500_C900 Sample Specification Download
1100SD Sample Specification Download 2500_C905 Sample Specification Download
1100SDB Sample Specification Download 2600 Sample Specification Download
1100TDM Sample Specification Download 2800 Sample Specification Download
1200 Sample Specification Download 3800 Sample Specification Download
1500 Sample Specification Download 5000 Sample Specification Download
1500TD Sample Specification Download 6500 Sample Specification Download
15MJ00 Sample Specification Download 7500 Sample Specification Download
15MJ00TD Sample Specification Download C909 Restraints Sample Specification Download
15PF00 Sample Specification Download EBAA-Covers Sample Specification Download
15PF00TD Sample Specification Download EBAA-Seal Sample Specification Download
1600 Sample Specification Download EX-TEND Force Balanced Sample Specification Download
1600TD Sample Specification Download EX-TEND Sample Specification Download
1700 Sample Specification Download FLEX-TEND Force Balanced Sample Specification Download
1900 Sample Specification Download FLEX-TEND Sample Specification Download
19MJ00 Sample Specification Download Flex-900 Sample Specification Download
19PF00 Sample Specification Download HDPE Sample Specification Download
2000PV Sample Specification Download MEGA-BOND Sample Specification Download
2000SV Sample Specification Download


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Mechanical Joint Drawing Download Pipe Outside Diameter Chart Download
Mechanical Joint Install and Dimensions Guide Download Pipe Outside Diameter Guide Download


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EBAA Warranty Rev F Download


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972 Brochure Download FLEX-TEND Maintenace and Repair Download
BA waiver process final Document Download FLEX-TEND Torque Curves Download
Champion Gaskets are Made in USA and Meet "Buy American" clause of ARRA 2009 Download Fluorokote1 Brochure Download
DWV FLEX-TEND installation instructions Download Installation Instructions 2000PV Bell Stop Download
EBAA Product SDS Download Joint Restraint per NFPA 24 Download
Products Manufactured by EBAA Iron, Inc. are Made in U.S.A. Download Line Sheet Download
Ebaa Iron 50th Anniversary Legacy Download Pinktober Download
FB FLEX-TEND Cut-Away Download Press Release 3800 Large Diameter Sizes Download
FLEX-900 Exploded View 912FF0 Download Press Release FLEX-TEND Socket and Preset Changes Download
FLEX-900 Refurbishment Instructions Download Press Release Restraint Length Calculator v7 Download
FLEX-TEND Installation Instructions Download Traceability Sample Specification Download