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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

connections technical papers

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DI-01 Use of MEGALUG Restraint Products on Grey Iron Pipe Download
DI-02 A Brief Description of the Background and Operation of the MEGALUG System of Restraint Download
GI-01 Corrosion and Cathodic Protection in Underground Piping Systems Download
GI-02 Corrosion of Mechancial Joint Bolts Download
GI-03 Use of Coatings and Polyethylene for Corrosion Protection Download
GI-04 Observations of MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraints in Corrosive Environments Download
GI-05 Product Testing and Hydrostatic Forces Download
GI-07 Product Traceability Download
GI-08 MEGA-BOND Restraint Coating System Download
PD-01 Connections Bulletin PD-01: Joint Restraint vs. Thrust Blocks Download
PD-02 Connections Bulletin PD-02: Restrained Pipeline Design and Horizontal Bends Download
PD-03 Connections Bulletin PD-03: Thrust Restraint Design of Vertical Offsets and Tees Download
PD-04 Thrust Restraint Design of Reducers, Dead Ends, and Valves Download
PD-05 Connections Bulletin PD-05: Bearing and Frictional Resistance: The Building Blocks of a Restrained System Download
PD-06 Connections Bulletin PD-06: Thrust Restraint Design Equations and Soil Parameters For Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe Download
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Restrained Couplings

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Series 1100CH MEGALUG Coupling Harness restraining an un-restrained couplding
Series 1100CH Split MEGALUG Coupling Harness
Installed View
Product View

1100CH Split Restraint Harness for Couplings


Restraint Harness for Unrestrained Couplings

The Series 1100CH restrains existing or new couplings on Ductile Iron Pipe (over-sized restraints available for Pit Cast Iron Pipe). The split MEAGALUG restraints and 'offset' tie bars are made of ductile iron conforming to ASTM A536.

Available in sizes 14 inch through 36 inch.

Our submittal packages will contain the product brochure, the sample specification document, and a CAD file for the product if there is one available.