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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

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DI-01 Use of MEGALUG Restraint Products on Grey Iron Pipe Download GI-06 The Installation of Mechanical Joint Fittings Download
DI-02 A Brief Description of the Background and Operation of the MEGALUG System of Restraint Download GI-07 Product Traceability Download
FL-01 What is the Pressure Rating of that Flange!? Download GI-08 MEGA-BOND Restraint Coating System Download
FL-02 Background and Testing of the MEGAFLANGE Flange Adapter Download PD-01 Joint Restraint vs. Thrust Blocks Download
FT-01 FLEX-TEND Flexible Expansion Joints, Features and Specifications Download PD-02 Restrained Pipeline Design and Horizontal Bends Download
FT-02 Flexible Connection to Liquid Storage Tanks Download PD-03 Thrust Restraint Design of Vertical Offsets and Tees Download
FT-03 General Information for the Application of FLEX-TEND Flexible Expansion Joint Download PD-04 THRUST RESTRAINT DESIGN OF DEAD ENDS, VALVES, REDUCERS, AND ENCROACHING RESTRAINED LENGTHS Download
FT-04 How does the Force Balanced FLEX-TEND® Product Work? Download PD-05 Bearing and Frictional Resistance, The Building Blocks of a Restrained System Download
FT-05 Bridge Crossings and the Proper use of EX-TEND, FLEX-TEND Download PD-06 Thrust Restraint Design Equations and Soil Parameters For Ductile Iron and PVC Pipe Download
GI-01 Corrosion and Cathodic Protection in Underground Piping Systems Download PV-01 Connections Bulletin PD-01 Download
GI-02 Corrosion of Mechancial Joint Bolts Download PV-02 Long Term Burst Strength of PVC Pipe and The 2000PV MEGALUG Download
GI-03 Use of Coatings and Polyethylene for Corrosion Protection Download PV-03 What's The Point Download
GI-04 Observations of MEGALUG Mechanical Joint Restraints in Corrosive Environments Download PV-04 Mega-Stop Bell Protection System Aids in Pipe Joint Assembly Download
GI-05 Product Testing and Hydrostatic Forces Download