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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

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PV-03 What's The Point Download
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Mechanical Joint Restraint

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Series 2000SV MEGALUG Split Restraint Restraining Existing AWWA PVC Pipe on a Existing Mechanical Joint Fitting
Series 2000SV MEGALUG Split Restraint
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2000SV MEGALUG® Split Restraint


MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint

The Series 2000SV MEGALUG Split Restraint is designed for restraining existing mechanical joints on AWWA C900 PVC pipes. It's comprised of a split series 2000PV and clamping hardware.

Available in sizes 4 inch through 12 inch.

Our submittal packages will contain the product brochure, the sample specification document, and a CAD file for the product if there is one available.