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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

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GI-01 Corrosion and Cathodic Protection in Underground Piping Systems Download
GI-02 Corrosion of Mechancial Joint Bolts Download
GI-03 Use of Coatings and Polyethylene for Corrosion Protection Download
GI-05 Product Testing and Hydrostatic Forces Download
GI-07 Product Traceability Download
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Push On Pipe Joints

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Series 2500 Restraint Harness for PVC Fittings on PVC Pipe
Series 2500 Restraint Harness for AWWA C907 PVC Fittings on AWWA C900 and C905 PVC Pipe
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2500 Restraint Harness for C900 PVC Fittings


Restraint Harness for AWWA C900 PVC Pipe at PVC Fittings

The Series 2500 Restraint Harness for AWWA C907 PVC Fittings is quick and easy to install. The Harness comes in two configurations dependent on pipe size. AWWA C900 PVC pipe sizes 4 inch through 12 inch has a split serrated restraint ring for the plain end or spigot end of pipe, and a split non-serrated bell ring that goes just behind the gasket race hump and is fastened into a harness by an array of thrust rods.

Available in sizes 4 inch through 48 inch.

Our submittal packages will contain the product brochure, the sample specification document, and a CAD file for the product if there is one available.