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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

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Series 2100 MEGAFLANGE® Restrained Flange Adapter separator

How do you join a plain end pipe to a flange?

Set screw flange adapters have been around for a long time.  They usually incorporate a single gasket that seals at the flange surface and on the pipe OD and utilize a number of set screws around the diameter to hold the pipe in place.  Flange adapters have a specific purpose but they also have a number of limitations.  In the mid 90's EBAA Iron introduced the Series 2100 MEGAFLANGE restrained flange adapter.  This was a game changer.

The Series 2100 MEGAFLANGE product comes in the 3-inch through 48-inch nominal sizes and is made up of two rings.  The first is the gasket ring and this provides separate seals at the flange face and on the pipe surface.  (More on that in a little bit.)  And the second is the restraint ring.  These two rings are assembled on a plain end piece of pipe and, with only one set of bolts, joins and restrains that plain end of pipe to a standard Class 150 waterworks flange. In sizes 3-inch through 12-inch, the product can be used on ductile iron pipe, IPS PVC pipe, C900 PVC pipe, steel pipe, or HDPE pipe with a stiffener.  In larger sizes the product can be used on ductile iron pipe and PVC pipe as indicated in the product brochure.

Because the gasket ring separates the two seals there can now be a gap between the end of the pipe and the mating flange.  This allows the MEGAFLANGE product to be utilized as a dismantling joint and it simplifies the insertion of a flanged appurtenance into an existing line.  Additionally, this gap allows the flanged joint to be deflected up to 5 degrees.

One unique feature of the MEGAFLANGE in sizes 3-inch through 12-inch is that it has been tested to the requirements of UL213 and it is UL Listed for above ground use in a fire system with steel and ductile iron pipe.  That means that it is permitted for use in an above ground fire system just like a conventional flange or a grooved pipe and coupling system.  Obtaining this listing involved much more than simple twice rated pressure testing.  It also involved high pressure testing (up to 5X rated) and flexural testing.  The high-pressure testing is pretty much self-explanatory.  The flexural testing required the product to be subjected to a sizeable bending moment while pressurized to its rated pressure.

When you combine the versatility (applications and pipe materials) and robust, proven performance you can see why this product was a game changer.

There are many ways that the MEGAFLANGE restrained flange adapter can simplify your projects.  Contact us to find out more.

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Since introducing its first patented product in 1968, EBAA has continued to lead the way in innovative products for the water and wastewater industry that are engineered to save time and money. EBAA is the only manufacturer of the world famous MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint. EBAA specializes in water and waste-water pipeline joints and is 100% MADE IN THE USA.