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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

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1100TDM; Tandem; MEGALUG

Series 1100TDM - Tandem MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint

High Pressure Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe

The MEGALUG Series 1100, as far back as 1984 has become the “Product of Preference” for effectively and economically restraining ductile iron pipe to Mechanical Joint (MJ) Fittings and other MJ Appurtenances. Successfully working above or below grade while eliminating cumbersome thrust blocks and or corrodible metal tie rods which creates quicker, safer, and more economical installations.

The MEGALUG, with a 2:1 Safety Factor has a pressure rating that is typically greater than, and appropriate for, most water or force sewer main operating pressures. But, what if your pipeline needed to transit steep grades and significant elevation changes resulting in higher pressure requirements. Or what if you have a critical pipeline requiring a much higher safety factor like a dedicated fire line or water HVAC system?

Enter the Tandem MEGALUG Series 1100TDM.

The Tandem MEGALUG was designed for high pressure systems, effectively doubling the MEGALUG pressure ratings while still maintaining the 2:1 Safety Factor you expect from EBAA Iron Products. As implied by the name, it consists of two MEGALUG restraints at one joint – a standard MEGALUG restraint followed by a second MEGALUG ring with no MJ “lip”. The tandem product is configured this way to ensure the second restraint ring bears firmly and evenly against the first MEAGLUG at the MJ joint. This doubles its restraining capability while not interfering with the wedge or “lug” restraining interaction on the pipe. As there are two restraint rings this does require longer fastening bolts, the 1100TDM also is supplied with high strength, low alloy hex-head bolts along with EBAA Iron’s engineered T-Nuts. We do this to make sure that the product can be used at any mechanical joint regardless of turn radii of a bend, branch joint of a tee, or tight joint areas present with some valves. The T-Nuts are made from high strength, ASTM A536 Ductile Iron coated with the same blue fastener class coating found on the wedges of the MEGALUG itself.

The Tandem MEGALUG restraint is a proven, high pressure restraint that is easily installed and field adaptable without requiring long lead times that can be associated with factory restraint fittings.

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Since introducing its first patented product in 1968, EBAA has continued to lead the way in innovative products for the water and wastewater industry that are engineered to save time and money. EBAA is the only manufacturer of the world famous MEGALUG® Mechanical Joint Restraint. EBAA specializes in water and waste-water pipeline joints and is 100% MADE IN THE USA.