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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

Domestic First

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Domestic First

Domestic First


EBAA Iron, Inc. is a proud member of the Domestic First Coalition, and is even more proud to manufacture 100% of our products in the USA!

About Domestic First Coalition:

Domestic First Coalition is an organization dedicated to education and advocacy efforts encouraging public entities and government officials at the local, state and national level to purchase domestically manufactured products.

Enacting Specifications That Demand Quality Products
And Ensure Public Safety Is Not Only The Right Thing To Do,
It's American!

Buy American provisions have unfortunately been met with opposition at every level of government from Capitol Hill to City Hall. Unfortunately, many times the arguments used to dismantle these critical specifications are saturated with misinformation and unfounded scare tactics.

It's time to start setting the record straight. Not only is it legal to enact specifications requiring products to be manufactured in the US, the economic, safety and environmental benefits are vast and compelling.

The Red, White and Blue Facts:

  • BA provisions are legal and comply with international trade agreements.
  • BA provisions are widely supported and demanded by most American voters and taxpayers.
  • BA provisions ensure the highest quality and environmental standards are met.
  • BA provisions have proven to create and/or save local jobs and to be a positive impact on local economies.
  • BA provisions always include safeguards for local governments and do NOT require these entities to simply go without certain products if domestic equivalents do not exist or meet other specifications.
  • BA provisions strengthen our national security by providing a greater domestic workforce and decrease our reliance on foreign goods and materials
  • BA provisions keep more of our US tax dollars at home.

Please do not be misled by misinformation. Buy American provisions work and have been successfully enacted at every level of government across our nation. These requirements are critical to preserving and re-energizing our domestic workforce while ensuring the products being used were manufactured under the highest quality and environmental standards.

Demand Quality. Ensure Safety. Create Local Jobs. It’s American!


Download a one-page document outlining the benefist of Domestic VS Foreign products:

Download Document (PDF)