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EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made
EBAA is American-made

NEWS - 05/13/11

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EBAA IRON Introduces Two New Products

Two new products have been introduced this summer by EBAA Iron and can be seen first hand at the AWWA ACE11 Exhibition and Conference: The MEGA-STOP™ PVC Bell Protection System and the Series 1900 PVC Restraint Systems.

The Mega-Stop bell protection device, in conjunction with the use of its innovative Expansion Retention Spring (ERS), easily installs on the spigot end of the pipe before the pipe is put in the trench. When properly assembled at the reference line, the Mega-Stop enables the pipe joint to maintain its ability to expand, contract and deflect as the pipe manufacturer intended. For more information refer to the product brochure.

Now readily available, the "new" EBAA 1900 series split serrated restraint ring product can effectively and economically restrain C900 & C909 PVC pipe for water and wastewater applications - whether above or below ground, and in residential or industrial piping applications. The 1900 family series has been tested and approved to meet the new AWWA PVC pipe pressure rating requirements. For more information refer to the product brochure: For C909 PVC and C900 PVC

Come visit us at ACE11 and see these new products first hand. Booth 827

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